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Canine Wellness & Education Is Broken.

Most canine professionals mean well, but they only focus on one area of the dog.

  • Veterinarians treat ailments.
  • Nutritionists tweak diet.
  • Trainers address the mind.

That’s no longer good enough, and it’s time for a different approach.


One that addresses both ends of the leash — canine and human.   

One that maximizes canine & human wellness on a mental, physical, & emotional level. 

It’s not the number of years in your life that matters in your life (or your dog’s).


It’s the number of life in your years.

    Who I Am

    For the past 20+ years, I’ve been involved with animals in some way. I took my first riding lesson at 7 years old, and I’ve worked extensively in the veterinary field as a technician. I’m familiar with canine and equine husbandry, nutrition science, and bodywork modalities. My dogs are thriving due to the level of care that I give to them, and I’d love to show you how you can do the same for your canine partner. 

    My Certifications

    Movement Markers (tm)

    How proprioception and musculoskeletal balance affect canine performance and behavior, and how to holistically improve the dog in front of us.

    Raw Feeding Nutrition

    Risks & benefits, energy calculation, macro & micronutrients, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, & minerals.

    Advanced Canine Training Concepts

    I titled my first GSD to a BH (Begleithundprufung), which is a canine temperament and obedience test. I also hand-selected my current working partner with an eye toward titling him in a PSA PDC, and in scentwork / detection.

    Myofascial Release For Animals

    The importance of fascia in the body, how fascial restrictions can affect the body, and how to release them.

    Canine Diet Formulation

    Selecting & assessing ingredients based on individual nutritional profiles, building raw & cooked recipes and kibble toppers.

    Holistic Carnivore Nutrition

    Naturopathy, nutrigenomics, feeding for various life stages, feeding for different conditions, DIY recipes, making informed feeding decisions for your dog.

    Canine longevity is decreasing.

    A 2014 study showed that purebred dogs’ lifespans are getting shorter, when compared to the previous decade. 

    Furthermore, I did everything wrong with Desmo (my first working dog), and he crossed over before he turned 9 as a result.

    I lived in a constant state of fight-or-flight, and he absorbed this stress. Finally, his body said “enough!”, and he developed hemangiosarcoma.

    I put obedience on him too soon, so he never really learned to think for himself as a result.

    I used compulsion methods to teach him to out, so he developed conflict on the bite.

    I bounced between trainers because in my gut, I knew that I didn’t agree with some of their methods.

    As a result, he got confused and stressed (and I didn’t maximize his potential) because I wasn’t sticking with one method.  

    I watched him move crookedly in a straight line – his front and hind feet were on two different tracks. I asked my vet, who shrugged and said “that’s just how he moves.”

    I now know that he moved that way due to (completely fixable) musculoskeletal imbalances.

    I bounced between different kibbles, dehydrated foods, and raw diets (premade, 80/10/5/5), which contributed to his physical and mental imbalances.


    To increase your performance and your dog’s, we need to optimize:

    • The body through diet and exercise
    • The mind through connection and bond boosters
    • The spirit through emotional regulation

    What You’ll Learn

    Enhance Canine Communication

    How to improve your bond with your dog, and and communicate with them in a way that they understand, so you can make your training sessions more effective & enjoyable.

    Enhance Performance Through Diet

    How to optimize your dog’s diet & supplement regimen for their individual needs, so you can maximize their health, performance, & longevity.

    Mindfulness & Energy Management

    Techniques to tune into your emotional state and your dog’s, so you can become more aware of how your energy affects your partner’s responses and performance.

    Mitigate Injury Risk Through Bodywork

    Identify subtle areas of tension in your dog that can contribute to behavioral & performance issues, so you can address these areas without spending time and money at your vet’s office. 

    Advocate For Your Dog

    Tune your BS meter and learn how to support your dog on the training field, so you can apply what works, and filter out what doesn’t work for you and your partner.

    Take Charge Of Your Healthcare & Your Dog's

    Minimize the time spent in the doctor’s or vet’s office, so you can help your dog thrive on and off the training field.

    What You’ll Get

    Insider Group Access ($350 Value)

    Be part of an elite group of dedicated dog owners who are willing to go the extra mile for their canine’s health.

    Connect with other canine handlers on a similar journey, and share your experiences.


    Weekly Q&A Sessions ($400 Value)

    Every week we’ll hop on a video call so we can discuss any questions you may have, and any observations I’ve made in my research that week.

    If you can’t make it live, no worries! You’re welcome to submit your questions ahead of time, and all sessions will be recorded so you can listen when it’s convenient for you.

    Canine Concierge Upgrade Option ($800 Value)

    Get me in your pocket as your personal expert.

    Have a question at the vet, or on the training field? Schedule a call to chat with me using your personal link. 

    Exclusive Members-Only Rates ($500 Value)

    Your membership entitles you to 15% off of any Integrative Canine service.

    Whether you need a nutritional analysis, gait analysis, 1:1 support, or anything in between, I’ve got you covered.

    Monthly Hot Seats ($250 Value)

    If you have a question that requires more analysis than what we can cover on the weekly call, this is what the hot seats are for!

    We can go deeper into nutrition, canine psychology, training, energetics, movement — whatever you’d like to discuss is fair game.

    Also Included:

    Monthly Masterclasses ($400 Value)

    Improve your life and your dog’s through education.

    Nutrition & Diet Formulation

    Discover science-backed techniques to optimize your dog’s diet for their age, energy levels, and performance. Learn which foods are best for short, powerful energy bursts (think protection), and which are better suited for endurance activities (like tracking).

    Supplements & Herbal Remedies

    Further enhance your dog’s performance with the right supplements and herbal remedies for common issues such as muscle recovery, injuries, stress, and internal organ support. 

    Stress Management

    Learn how your stress levels affect your dog’s physical and mental performance, and how you can improve your well-being and theirs.

    Canine Biomechanics

    Learn how to evaluate your dog for bodily imbalances and subclinical gait abnormalities so you can prevent injury (and time off from training).

    Bond Boosters

    Learn how to get inside your dog’s head and see the world from their perspective so you can communicate more effectively with them, and make your training sessions more efficient.

    Self-Awareness Basics

    Learn what your patterns are, why you do what you do, and how to begin breaking free of your patterns so you can improve your relationship with your dog and your self.

    Community Options

    The more I’ve sat with your approach the more I think it is a winner across the board. The mindfulness will benefit us in far more than our relationship with Mopp. I’m super excited to work with you!

    Greg Winton

    Dog Dad Extraordinaire

    You ARE the canine health triage nurse, and your raw diet knowledge has been invaluable in keeping my pack healthy!

    Dr. Angela Martin-King 

    Soul Healer & Animal Chiro

    Charline helped me figure out how to feed my EPI dog when the local vets gave poor dietary advice, and has been an amazing resource as I explore kinesiology taping with my horse!

    Chrissy Knight 

    Dog, Cat, & Horse Mom


    How is this membership different from other dog training & nutrition memberships out there?

    To my knowledge, there is no other space that strives to holistically improve canine and human health – all others that I’ve been a part of focus on one aspect (eg nutrition, training, bodywork, etc).

    What support is included?

    You’re welcome to post your question in the community, and I’ll get back to you as I’m able. If it’s urgent, feel free to DM me, and I’ll get back to you as I’m able.

    We also have weekly Q&A sessions, and monthly hotseats for deeper dives.

    What's the monthly investment?

    The monthly investment is $97 for basic access, and $147 if you want to include the Canine Concierge upgrade.

    Is there a yearly investment option?

    Yep, sure is! You’ll get two months free if you sign up for the yearly option. In other words, it’s $997 / year for the basic membership (no Canine Concierge), and $1497 / year for full access to me.

    What's your cancellation policy?

    You’re welcome to cancel your membership at any time in the month, and you’ll retain access to the community until your next billing date.

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