The Integrative Canine Method

Connect with your dog mentally, physically, and emotionally

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Canine Wellness Is Broken.

Most canine professionals mean well, but they only focus on one area of the dog.

Veterinarians treat ailments.

Nutritionists tweak diet.

Trainers address the mind.

You need a more integrative approach (mind-body-spirit) in order to truly connect with your dog, so that they can live a truly fulfilled life. 

    Does this sound familiar?

    You’ve tried a bunch of different methods, but nothing seems to work quite the way you envisioned: 

    • You’ve bounced between different trainers, but haven’t found one that you’re truly comfortable with
    • Your pantry is crammed with half-empty supplement tubs
    • You’re tripping over half-finished bags of kibble in your garage
    • Your dog seems a bit “off” in their movement, but the vet can’t pinpoint anything specific
    • You’ve signed up for a bunch of different online dog training courses, but can’t seem to find the time to sit down and watch the content, much less apply it

    Who I Am

    For the past 20+ years, I’ve been involved with animals in some way. I took my first riding lesson at 7 years old, and my first job was as a veterinary technician. 

    Growing up, I was the “ADHD kid.” My mother refused to put me on conventional medications, so we managed my symptoms through a combination of diet and holistic medicine.

    I became interested in canine nutrition, body language, training, and communication when I brought Arya home in November 2011. Desmo followed soon after in February 2012. Desmo crossed over in May 2020, and on July 4, 2021 (my birthday!), Seabee was born. My journey continues…


    How It Works

    Initial Call

    We start with a video call to learn more about you, your dog, and your unique situation. While on the call, you’ll get actionable tips that you can implement immediately, as well as an overview of the custom solution for you and your K9 partner.


    Once we’ve determined that we’re a fit, the next step is to schedule our onboarding call. On this call, we’ll run through a program overview, determine the best day & time for your weekly check-in calls, and dive further into the dynamic between you and your dog.

    Behavioral Analysis

    Before we begin doing the work, I like to get a baseline idea of where you and your dog are at by running a functional behavioral analysis. This allows me to determine why the dog is behaving in a certain manner, and customize your plan even further.

    Here’s What You’ll Get

    Functional Behavior Analysis

    Get clarity on why your dog is acting a certain way, so you can fix it in a way that’s fair to them and you

    Mindfulness Exercises

    Learn to become more relaxed and centered, and tune into yourself and your dog so you can become more present when interacting with your canine partner.

    Leash Handling Skills

    Learn how to use your leash as a communication tool so that you can work with your dog more effectively.

    Custom Nutrition Plan

    Make sure that you’re feeding the right thing to your dog so that you can improve your dog’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being through food as their medicine.

    Canine Wellness Checks

    Learn to check your dog’s physical condition on a daily basis, so you can pick up on any subtle issues in your canine partner.


    Weekly Chats

    Every week we’ll connect on a video call so that you can get deep answers to your questions.

    Conformation & Movement Analysis

    Identify subtle areas of tension in your dog that can contribute to behavioral issues, so you can address these concerns. 

    Energy Balancing

    Learn how to regulate your emotional state, and your dog’s emotional state so you can be more in tune with them.

    Messenger Support

    Shoot me a text, voice clip, or short video message, and I’ll get back to you that same day so you aren’t spending hours searching online for answers.

    The more I’ve sat with your approach the more I think it is a winner across the board. The mindfulness will benefit us in far more than our relationship with Mopp. I’m super excited to work with you!

    Greg Winton

    Charline helped me figure out how to feed my newly diagnosed EPI dog when the local vets gave poor dietary advice. Penny is looking and feeling great now!

    Chrissy Knight

    My Invitation To You

    If you’re ready to take full responsibility for your dog’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being, I’d love to chat with you. Hit the link below for a free 45-minute session to jam with me and get some actionable tips on how to improve your relationship with your dog.  


    Please note that I am only one person and my energy is limited, so I can only take on a certain number of clients at a time. If you feel like this is for you, definitely reach out. 

    I want to help as many working dog and handler teams as I possibly can, and at the same time, there’s only one of me. As a result, I’m choosing to devote my time to handlers who are ready to take action and see results.  

    PS – I’m not jerking your chain with some sort of fake scarcity tactic or creating false urgency. I devote a LOT of time, space, and energy to my clients so that I can give them the best experience possible, and for that reason, I limit the number of people I work with at any given time. 


    How long is the program?

    Nominally 12 weeks / 3 months. However, we can adjust the timeline as necessary for you and your dog

    What if I'm too busy?

    You’re busy – I get that. Everyone’s busy these days. I’ve found that if someone (myself included) is “too busy” to commit to something, it’s another way of saying “this isn’t a priority for me at this time,” and that’s totally okay.

    However, the problems you’re having with your dog right now won’t go away, and might actually get worse over time. I know this from experience, and I’d love to chat with you to see if I can at least give you some suggestions on how to work with your dog.

    What if I can't afford it?

    I understand if you’re working on a budget, and if money is an issue for you. However, if something is truly important to you, you’ll find a way to afford it – plain and simple. People buy things that they “can’t afford” all the time. Payment plans are available as well.

    How do I know I can trust you?

    At the end of the day, you’re the one who can answer that question. I can give you all of the testimonials and qualifications you want, but you need to make that determination for yourself. That said, if you’re not happy for any reason after our first call, I’ll happily refund your money, no questions asked.

    How do I know if I'll see results?

    These protocols are well-established in the canine world; hundreds (if not thousands) of other canine-human pairs have seen results with the methods I use. However, I won’t guarantee results — I’m not you, and I can’t do the work for you. Based on my own experience with my dogs (and with what I’ve seen working with other canine-human pairs), I can tell you that what I’ve learned works. 

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