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Welcome to the next step in your journey towards optimal health and performance for both you and your trusted working companion.

You’re here because you understand that achieving peak performance isn’t just about hard work; it’s about smart, holistic approaches that honor the unique bond between you and your dog.

It’s about turning challenges into triumphs, and potential into excellence.

For Working Dog Teams Ready To Thrive

What You Can Expect

Our consultation isn’t just a meeting; it’s the beginning of a transformation.

Through a comprehensive 2-hour session, we dive deep into the core of your dog’s challenges, employing a holistic lens to view and address behavioral patterns, physical movement, and nutritional health.

Who This Is For

Integrative Canine specializes in supporting owners, breeders, and trainers of working dogs facing unresolved behavioral, movement, or dietary challenges.

If traditional avenues have left you without answers, and these issues are impacting your dog’s performance or well-being, this consultation is the gateway to change.

This service is designed for new clients, those returning after a significant break, or clients introducing a new dog to their team.

Who This Is Not For

If I’m currently addressing your dog’s needs in another capacity, or if you don’t have a working-line dog, there are other paths that will better suit your needs.

This session is specifically tailored for working dogs not already under my care, who do not currently have clear-cut veterinary or training solutions.

    What You'll Experience

    A Deeper Understanding: Gain new insights into your dog’s needs and behaviors, and forge a more harmonious working relationship with them.

    Improved Canine Physical Health & Efficiency: Movement & dietary analyses help your dog to perform at their peak day in and day out, ensuring that you’re always ready as a team.

    Peace Of Mind: A deep knowing that you’re providing your dog with the best care and support possible, optimizing their healthspan as a result.

      Your Investment


      Your investment signifies more than a monetary transaction; it’s a step towards enhancing the quality of life and performance of your working dog.

      It’s about building a stronger, more intuitive connection between you and your partner, leading to improved job satisfaction for them, and peace of mind for you.


      Who I Am

      For the past 20+ years, I’ve been involved with animals in some way. I took my first riding lesson at 7 years old, and my first job was as a veterinary technician. 

      Growing up, I was the “ADHD kid.” My parents refused to put me on conventional medications, so we managed my symptoms through a combination of diet and holistic medicine.

      I became interested in canine nutrition, body language, training, and communication when I brought Arya home in November 2011. Desmo followed soon after in February 2012. Desmo crossed over in May 2020, and on July 4, 2021 (my birthday!), Seabee was born. My journey continues…


      The more I’ve sat with your approach the more I think it is a winner across the board. The mindfulness will benefit us in far more than our relationship with Mopp. I’m super excited to work with you!

      Greg Winton

      Charline helped me figure out how to feed my newly diagnosed EPI dog when the local vets gave poor dietary advice. Penny is looking and feeling great now!

      Chrissy Knight


      Please note that I am only one person and my energy is limited, so I can only take on a certain number of clients at a time. If you feel like this is for you, definitely reach out. 

      I want to help as many working dog and handler teams as I possibly can, and at the same time, there’s only one of me. As a result, I’m choosing to devote my time to handlers who are ready to take action and see results.  

      PS – I’m not jerking your chain with some sort of fake scarcity tactic or creating false urgency. I devote a LOT of time, space, and energy to my clients so that I can give them the best experience possible, and for that reason, I limit the number of people I work with at any given time. 


      How long will this take?

      I’ll need two hours of your time to get to know you and your dog, and I’ll send over a report with my suggestions and next steps within 7 days of our call.

      How do I know I can trust you?

      At the end of the day, you’re the one who can answer that question. I can give you all of the testimonials and qualifications you want, but you need to make that determination for yourself. That said, if you’re not happy for any reason after our first call, I’ll happily refund your money, no questions asked.

      How do I know when I'll see results?

      These protocols are well-established in the canine world; hundreds (if not thousands) of other canine-human pairs have seen results with the methods I use. That said, it would be unethical for me to guarantee results — each canine-handler team is unique. Based on my own experience with my dogs (and with what I’ve seen working with other canine-human pairs), I can tell you what works based on scientific and anecdotal data. 

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